StealthGeineStealthGenie cell phone spy software is packed with innovative features, that allow the account holder to view all aspects of the users activity. The best part is, the mobile device users will never know they are being monitored, because the software acts in “Stealth” mode. StealthGenie allows parents, employees, and spouses to get the information they need, to enforce discipline.

Monitoring Calling

CallsAre you suspicious, that the monitored user is talking to people that you do not approve of? The monitoring call feature will let you hone in on live phone calls, record the conversation, and view incoming and outgoing call history.

The StealthGenie call monitoring feature allows you to:

Live Call Intercept: Don’t wait till the cell phone user is off the phone to intercede. StealthGenie phone spy software allows you to take action while the conversation is going on. If you suspect the user is engaging in activities you do not approve of, you can send an SMS command to activate the Live Call Intercept feature. This command can be sent from a computer or another cell phone. Once this feature is activated, make a call to the user’s cell phone, you will then have the ability to listen in on the conversation without the user ever knowing.

Remotely Record Calls: You have the ability to record incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can even specify certain phone numbers you want to record. When a call is made to or from that contact, the software will automatically record the conversation. The recordings are sent to the online StealthGenie control panel. You have the ability to connect to the control panel from any device that has an internet connection. From there, you can save the recordings to your computer, or listen to them. The control panel will save them until they are deleted.

Phone Log History: StealthGenie allows you to view outgoing, incoming, and missed calls. It provides a detail log that includes: phone number, contact name, time, date, and how long the conversation was. You can view these logs by logging into your StealthGenie user account. You also have the ability to view calls by date and time, as well as download the log as a spreadsheet.

Monitor Messaging

smsYou can be sitting in the same room as your child, and they are busy typing away on their cell phones. Have you ever wondered what they are talking about, and who is on the other end of the conversation? The StealthGenie gives you the ability to view text messages that are sent and received by the monitored phone user.

The StealthGiene message monitoring feature allows you to:

Message Inbox: You can gain access to the users text messaging Inbox. You can read all the content, get the names, numbers of senders and receivers, as well as the date and time of the message. All this will be uploaded to the StealthGenie control panel. You can gain access by logging in with a device that has an internet connection.

Redirect Messages: Once you have access to the user’s address book and contacts, you can send a text message form the monitored phone to your selected contact. This can be initiated through the StealthGenie control panel. The selected contact will think the monitored phone user sent the message. This gives you the ability to see the intentions of the specified contact.

StealthGenie spy software has so many advanced features that give you the ability to gain the knowledge that you are seeking. You never have to wonder again, because StealthGenie is always watching and logging the monitored devices activity.

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