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Mobile Spy is a mobile app which allows an employer or a parent to track a smartphone, in which they own or have consent to track, in complete stealth. This stealth tracking app allows the user to log all activities made with the targeted device. You can learn more about it at It is ideal for a parent who is concerned their child is hanging around with the wrong crowd or just plain untruthful. The app is also a must for employers who feel they may have employees which are misusing company time or even giving out company secrets.

Key Features

A user will be able to track all of the call logs with the time, date and associated phone number that were made or received with the device. The user will be able to view all of the text messages in full detail that were sent or received even if the smartphone user has already deleted them. Another awesome tool Mobile Spy has is the GPS tracking, you will be able to see the phones location every thirty minutes or at an interval you select. The app also records and logs every URL visited and all emails sent or received from the device.

mobile spy features

How to Get Started

All a user needs to do is visit the Mobile Spy website and purchase the software. It is compatible with most smartphone operating systems including Android and iOS. Once the purchase is made a download link is sent to you for easy installation on the device itself. Then the user will make an account in the secure logs site with their personal user name and password. After that you’re all set, it will begin recording and uploading all activities from the targeted device. Then all you have to do to view the smartphone’s activity is log into the secure logs site.


If you’re new to cell phone spy software, see this guide to understanding how these apps work, and what you need to know to choose one.

Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone Use

Parents will gain peace of mind after they have given their child the phone with Mobile Spy installed on it. Gone are the days and nights where you were concerned if your child really went where they were supposed to thanks to the GPS tracking feature. This spy app also records all pictures and videos taken, sent or received. This will be especially helpful if you are worried your child or teen is taking inappropriate pictures, or involved in “sexting.” Worried your child is visiting the wrong websites? Not anymore with Mobile Spy’s URL recording feature.

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Monitor Employee’s Cell Phone

This mobile tracking app is especially useful for employers who are who are unsure about a certain employee. With this app you will be able to see if they are browsing the internet, texting, or calling whenever they are supposed to be working. Does your company have a policy of no personal calls, or no phone usage after work hours? With this software you will be able to weed out those offenders. The GPS feature is also a must for employers who have employees working away from the office because now you will know if they really are where they say they are.

In this technologically advanced society today there are many dangers that lurk in places that never used to exist. Smartphones are becoming more and more popular especially with teens and in business. To get the upper hand employers and parents are turning to a new form of tracking software especially designed for smartphones. Mobile Spy is one such software that is the cutting edge in stealth mobile tracking.

This is the cutting edge in cell phone tracking software. No longer will you have to worry if your child or employee is lying to you, or even in danger. With Mobile Spy, you gain peace of mind, and if there is wrong doing you will have the proof right in front of you.

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